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Utility Refunds

Reduce monthly energy costs and save money on future utility bills with the utility auditing services offered by URC Energy. URC Energy excels in identifying billing errors and overcharges to reduce utility costs and obtain available refunds.

An audit preformed by URC Energy ensures no overcharges or billing errors are passed through  by the utility company. Utility tariffs specifically state that outside certain very specific responsibilities on the part of the utility, the onus is on the customer to confirm billing accuracy. URC Energy works hand in hand with many of the nations utility providers in analyzing tariffs, rates, and utility usage structures to determine if any such billing errors exist.  

URC Energy is a 100% success-fee based company, which means there are no upfront costs or risks for a review. Compensation is based solely on the results URC Energy delivers - usually in the form of a refund check or statement credit.

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Regardless of size, non-profit organizations including but not limited to 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4), religious organizations, healthcare organizations, educational facilities, community organizations, and parent cooperative preschools may be exempt from specific tariffs and surcharges applied to utility, communication, and motor fuel expenses. 


Those in the agriculture industry may be eligible for specific exemptions on certain surcharges or fees on natural gas, electric, water, and motor fuel expenses. Both State and Federal exemptions are available for businesses involved in the growth, processing, and packaging of agricultural products. 

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Manufacturing and industrial companies may benefit from exemptions if material is used or consumed in transforming, altering, packaging, composing, or processing goods for sale. Many savings opportunities are related specifically on charges related to natural gas, propane, electric, motor fuel, and waste water expenses. 


Local, county, and state municipalities as well as federal agencies may be eligible for multiple layers of exemptions on natural gas, electric, motor fuel, and telecommunication expenses. URC Energy has recovered millions of dollars in refunds for municipalities and agencies across the United States. 

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